Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why Gold is Golden??

Do you know why we used to ornate ourselves with gold? Is it merely the glitz and lustre of the metal that we are fascinated with? I think 'No'. there are things more lustrous and shiny than gold. So, it can't be only the shine of the metal that has made it so valuable. There's one more unique feature of gold and that is its ability to stand against all the attacks of weathering, uncontaminated and pure as ever.
And this virtue is as rare and uncommon in nature as it is in human beings. This rarity, uniqueness and lustre is all we've found as something considerable in gold or any ornament. That is why we daily create things that are shiny and different from the prevalent, and when we find that these things have become dull and common, we switch to some other thing sensational and equally temporal. This way, haven't we just contradicted the very notion behind the importance given to gold? Haven't we become followers of transience from that of permanency?
It wouldn't have been a major fall, hadn't we started practicing the thought in our lives. Today, we are marketing ourselves every moment, everywhere... be it office, a social gathering, a social site or even family. We are always projecting ourselves as something else.. something that would bring us some benefits in a short or a longer run. In this age of reality shows our own lives have become part of them. It's a mimicry competition and one who knows which character to play at what moment and does that beautifully, wins. In this all role playing don't we forget what we really are? Actually we think or may be we have been developed to think that it's useless to waste time thinking what we really are, because we won't get anything material for being ourselves or at least there's heavy risk in that. Risk, that we may be robbed of all we've got for our role-playing abilities- a sparkling career, an enviable life-style comprising of a grand apartment, expensive cars and all the things that we need to keep in our showcase so that we may enjoy the awe and envy in the eyes of the viewers, because all these things make us feel proud and exalted only when there's an audiance... clapping, murmurring, envious, exited... any kind, doesn't matter.
So, look into yourself.. and think, what kind of happiness you want to have.. and decide what you'd like to be... an actor all your life or an independent character in your own might.


  1. Thats amazing piece over here which needs real thought to dare to pen it down .......... Keep Posting My Lovely Brother ......... Proud of YOU!!!


  2. आदरणीय आशुतोष जी
    सस्नेहाभिवादन !

    विचरण करते हुए आप तक पहुंचा , लेकिन आपने तो बहुत समय से नई रचना ही नहीं लगाई …
    आशा है ,शीघ्र ही नई रचना पढ़वाएंगे :)

    मंगलकामनाओं सहित…
    - राजेन्द्र स्वर्णकार